SOC 108: Crime & Punishment in the US

Take a class INSIDE the Greenfield Jail!

Jail of the Plaza de Castilla court Detail of the jail of the Plaza de Castilla court3-credit class
Compressed schedule: only 10 weeks!
Monday and Thursday, 6-7:45 pm, September 8 – November 17, 2014
Meets UMass diversity requirement

This is a rare opportunity for students of all disciplines, community members, and men who are incarcerated at the Greenfield jail to talk about issues that concern all of us. SOC 108 can be taken for 3 college credits, or taken on a credit-free basis.

This is a discussion-based class that examines a variety of perspectives on crime and punishment—from personal testimonies to historical accounts, from statistical reports and articles to documentary film and popular media. Topics include the complex realities of the contemporary corrections system as seen through the lenses of race, gender, class, and social justice. The class takes place inside the Franklin County House of Correction in Greenfield; half the students are incarcerated at the jail.

No prerequisites: everyone is welcome to apply!
For security reasons, admission is by application and interview only.

The course is based on the Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program, a nationwide effort to foster dialogue between college students and incarcerated men and women.

If you have any questions or would like an application form, contact instructor Revan Schendler at