Is it possible to become a Registered Nurse later if I decide that I want to become a Licensed Practical Nurse now?

Yes, it is. This concept is called an articulation agreement that the PNC Program has with the ADN Program at Greenfield Community College. If you maintain a “B” average in the PNC Program, complete the prerequisites for the ADN Program as well as the first-year ADN non-nursing courses, and do this all within five years, you can be accepted into the second year of the ADN Program if space is available. This basically means that you don’t need to repeat the first-year nursing courses since your PNC Program nursing courses take their place. Of course, many people become LPNs and find that there is enough satisfaction and opportunity in practical nursing to make it their chosen career path. For more information about this, please visit the ADN site.

Please note that it is generally not realistic for students to graduate from the Practical Nursing program in June and immediately begin the ADN program the following September, as both programs are extremely rigorous. 

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