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Juliana Aprileo

When Juliana Aprileo started at GCC, she had just turned 17, was half-way through her junior year of high school and looking for a different learning environment. She found it at GCC – expectations of a high level of responsibility and supportive instructors who helped her learn more than she thought she could. Juliana said “GCC was a culture shock in the best way possible.”

Juliana was able to finish high school and study toward an Associate degree through GCC’s Educational Transitions Program (ETP).The ETP offered through Juliana’s school provided full funding for Juliana’s GCC education as well as support in adjusting to college life.

Juliana does more than take classes at GCC. She served on the search committee to hire the new Coordinator of Student Life, is a member of the Queer-Straight Alliance and the Diversity Committee, and has a work study job assisting ETP advisor Shannon Coskran. Juliana also serves as a peer mentor assisting new students in the ETP.

Juliana will receive an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Psychology in December, 2011 and will transfer to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in Spring 2012. She plans to study psychology leading to a career in social work or psychology.

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