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Mujtaba Paracha

Choosing Greenfield Community College out of all the colleges in the U.S. was easy for 21-year-old Mujtaba Paracha. Getting to GCC from his native Pakistan took persistence and lots of paperwork, but, Mujtaba said,“It was worth it!” Mujtaba started studying Business Administration at GCC in January 2010 and quickly got involved with his classes, meeting other students, and working in the GCC Fitness Center. Mujtaba plans to get his Associate degree from GCC, transfer to UMASS’s Isenberg School of Management, and work in the U.S. after graduating from UMASS. Mujtaba enjoys working in the Fitness Center because it provides experience working in a different country, and, compared to his jobs in Pakistan, Mujtaba’s GCC job includes effective systems and supervision.

In his first semester, Mujtaba especially enjoyed biology and business classes and appreciated how his professors are very clear about what they expect. Mujtaba said, “Everyone at GCC is really friendly and very available to help.” Mujtaba wasn’t serious about his studies before coming to GCC, but now he works hard. At GCC, Mujtaba is living his belief that anything is possible if you’re committed to yourself.

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