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Sharon Santana

For Sharon Santana, Greenfield Community College is more than a college, it’s a community. Sharon should know–along with studying for an Associate degree in Computer Science, Sharon works as a peer tutor, works in the Student Life Office, dances in GCC’s Mixed Company dance group, and is involved with the Student Activities Committee. Sharon started at GCC in 2009 after moving to Belchertown from the Dominican Republic in 2008. Sharon didn’t know anyone at GCC, but everyone she met was very friendly, and she made friends quickly. Sharon said, “By the end of my first semester, I felt like I’d been at GCC forever.”

Sharon enjoys tutoring GCC students in her native language, which is Spanish, because she likes helping others to learn it, and it inspires her to continue improving her English. In the Student Life Office and with the Student Activities Committee, Sharon helps plan and promote campus events. Dancing with Mixed Company is a great way for Sharon to get rid of stress and have fun. Sharon’s advice to those considering GCC: “Go to GCC! It’s an incredible place, and there is something for everyone here.”

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