Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Campus tours

During fall and spring semesters tours of GCC are offered on a regular basis. Click a date below to RSVP for an upcoming tour. Registration for a tour is recommended but not required. Want a tour on a day or time that’s more convenient for you? Join us for an upcoming special event or email Tiffany to arrange a campus visit.

Campus Tours

  • Wednesday September 283:00pmRSVP »
  • Friday September 3010:00amRSVP »
  • Wednesday October 53:00pmRSVP »
  • Wednesday October 123:00pmRSVP »
  • Friday October 1410:00amRSVP »
  • Wednesday October 193:00pmRSVP »
  • Wednesday October 263:00pmRSVP »
  • Friday October 2810:00amRSVP »
  • Wednesday November 23:00pmRSVP »
  • Wednesday November 93:00pmRSVP »
  • Wednesday November 163:00pmRSVP »
  • Friday November 1810:00amRSVP »
  • Wednesday November 303:00pmRSVP »
  • Wednesday December 73:00pmRSVP »
  • Friday December 910:00amRSVP »

Admissions Special Events


Where's Mark?Our intrepid Admissions recruiter is out in the field! Find out where you can meet up with him at a local high school or college fair! Go »