The Unofficial Transcript Gets a Makeover

The unofficial transcript in MyGCC has a new look! It’s cleaner, clearer and easier to read. Gone are listings of past majors at the top of the transcript – but the history of the student remains. The major is still listed semester by semester.

The transcript also reflects if a student has applied for graduation and the status of the application. In the example below, Jane Doe is an Early Childhood Education major who is in the “pending” category. That means she has applied for graduation, has been reviewed with current registrations that must be completed to have the degree or certificate awarded at the end of the current cycle.


Other potential categories noted on the unofficial transcript are:

  • Applied – application received but not yet reviewed by registrar
  • Compl Not Yet Awarded – applied with all requirements completed prior to this semester, degree will be awarded at the end of the degree certification cycle
  • Application Reviewed – applied for graduation but there is an outstanding issue being researched