Important notice about billing process…

The new Fall 2016 semester is fast approaching and the Bursar’s Office would like to take this time to reach out to you and inform you of some important changes in our billing procedures. If your parent, spouse, or other, will be paying your bill on your behalf, please forward this message to them.

The first significant change will be in the way our bills are delivered to you. We will no longer be sending paper bills by mail. We will ONLY be creating an electronic statements that will be available on your MyGCC account. Once the bill is created and uploaded to MyGCC, an email notification will be sent to all active email addresses you have provided informing you that your bill is available to view and print from your account.

The notification will include instructions and helpful links to assist you in paying your bill. Remember, you are responsible for retrieving all of your bills. Failure to retrieve your e-bill or failure to provide it to anyone paying on your behalf does not constitute a valid reason for not paying your bill on time. It is always the student’s responsibility for providing the bill to the party paying. Therefore, we urge you to be mindful and provide your bill to your parent or other party in a timely manner to avoid your account becoming past due.  Should your bill not be paid by the due date a late fee and financial obligation hold will be applied to your account.

Paper copies of your bill can be mailed to you upon written request. You must submit a request each time you wish to have a paper bill mailed to you by sending an email message to the Bursar’s Office at: Enter “Bill Request” in the subject line. You can also visit in person to request a hardcopy bill.

We believe that electronic delivery of your billing statements will allow you to receive your bill in a more efficient and timely manner with more up-to-date charges, payments, and class schedules. It will also assist the college in its goal to “go green” wherever possible by limiting our use of many reams of paper and envelopes. This change will also allow the Bursar’s Office staff more time to focus on student needs rather than spending endless hours preparing hardcopy bills for mailing and it will technologically modernize our billing delivery process.

Another area of improvement we are offering our students this fall is our new online payment plan enrollment process. If you can’t pay your bill in full by the due date, you must sign up for our 4-month payment plan. As long as your account remains current, enrolling in the payment plan will prevent a financial obligation hold and a late fee on your account, while allowing you to ease your college financial burden by stretching out your financial obligation over four months. Signing up for the payment plan is easy and painless. Most everything is calculated for you. Some information you had to provide previously on the old paper form will now be automatically populated, thus saving you time.  To sign up for the payment plan, simply login to your MyGCC account and complete our new electronic Billing Worksheet located under “Billing” within the “My Account” menu.

The online billing worksheet must also be completed if you have other financial resources that you expect will be paying toward your college costs, such as: financial aid/student loans, third party payments from an employer or government agency, or scholarships. If any of these resources will be paying all or a portion of your charges, the billing worksheet is mandatory in order to defer payment of the portion you expect to be paid by any outside sources the will not necessarily be available by the due date. Any portion that you are responsible for paying out of pocket as determined by your calculation on the billing worksheet, must be paid by the due date. NOTE: supporting documentation must be provided by the due date for any alternate resources listed on the worksheet.

Finally, another exciting new technological tool available to our students is our brand new online information release form that allows you to quickly and efficiently authorize us to speak to third parties who you wish to allow access to your account information for the purposes of paying your bill or inquiring about your account on your behalf. In addition, it allows you to easily manage your authorizations by logging into your account and reviewing all persons for whom you have granted access and provides you with the capability to quickly add or remove authorizations any time you wish. NOTE: previous authorizations you have provided prior to July 1, 2016 will not show on your “MyGCC” account and therefore, you will be unable to view or withdraw them. However, you can do that by sending us an email to For students unfamiliar with the information release form, this new online form replaces the form completed as part of the old hardcopy green billing worksheet. It is used for the following purpose:

If anyone other than you, the student, is paying on your account on your behalf, or wishes to make inquiries about your account, Federal privacy laws apply even if you are under age. Therefore, if you have not done so already, even if you are under the age of consent, you must provide authorization to the Bursar and Financial Aid Offices granting staff permission to speak to specific individuals (third parties) making inquiries about your account balance, payments made, charges assessed, financial aid/loan matters or any other matter related to your tuition and fee account,

If you wish to grant authorization to us, you must complete a Financial Aid & Billing Information Release Form. We cannot release any information to anyone who is not listed in the release form or to anyone who cannot provide the password you created for them for this purpose. The release form can be found by logging into our “MyGCC” account. Scroll over “My Account”. Choose the Information Release Form under the “Billing” menu. Please be advised, once you grant permission for a third party to access your account information, the authorization will remain on your account until you withdraw. Withdrawing an authorization is done in the same manner as adding one using the same form.

We expect that you will be pleased with these changes in our processes. The changes will significantly improve our ability to provide efficient, uncomplicated services to our students while easing the tuition and fee bill paying process for both students and parents.

If you have any questions, most answers can be found on our website along with detailed instructions about all of our new procedures. Should you need to contact us, please call our main line at: (413)775-1301 or send a message to Any of our staff can assist you.