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Billing Worksheet

Billing Worksheet

A completed Billing Worksheet is mandatory and must be submitted to the Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office by the January 8 due date of your spring bill in order to notify us if other financial resources (such as: financial aid, tuition waiver, third party, private scholarship, or in-house grant) will be paying all or a portion of your bill.

Additionally, the worksheet is meant to assist you in calculating the amount you must pay by the due date. If a balance exists after deducting other financial resources on the worksheet, you must pay the balance due by the due date when submitting your completed worksheet. A clear written commitment on agency/company letterhead or a purchase order from all financial resources listed, must accompany the worksheet and your payment.

The worksheet serves three purposes:

Step 1-Calculate the amount you owe by the due date.

Step 2-Enroll in our four-month payment plan.

Step 3-Complete the FERPA Waiver-Authentication Form.

The certification section at the bottom of the worksheet must be signed and dated by any student completing the worksheet.