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FERPA Waiver

Scroll down to bottom of page for waiver link.  Please be sure to read the waiver information on this page before completing a waiver.


Under the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, disclosure of information from a student’s education records is strictly limited and all colleges must have policies in place to comply with this law.

How it works

The FERPA Waiver Form need only be completed once and will remain on file unless the student rescinds the form. A student who wishes to rescind his/her FERPA waiver must notify the Financial Aid Office or Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office in writing.

Waiver Information for STUDENTS

You must have a FERPA password before the financial aid office can discuss your FAFSA Application and possible award or the Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office can discuss your bill and student account over the phone. This password allows us to verify that we are speaking with you. To provide a FERPA password, you must complete the FERPA Waiver Form.

If you have not submitted a FERPA Waiver Form and/or if you do not have your password when making inquiries, we cannot discuss any details of your account – including charges, payments, balances, financial aid, or grades – over the phone. If you forget your FERPA password, you will be required to complete another form.

Waiver Information for PARENTS and other THIRD PARTIES

The financial aid office cannot discuss the student’s FAFSA Application and outstanding requirements and the Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office cannot discuss a student’s tuition and fee account with a parent or other third party over the phone or in person unless the student has authorized the college to release information to that party and that party has the student’s FERPA password.

A student who wishes to allow their parent(s) or other party access to his or her student tuition and fee account or financial aid account information must complete the FERPA Waiver Form, provide a password, and return the completed form to the Student Billing Office or the Financial Aid Office either in person or by mail.

Remember, in addition to being authorized to speak with us, a parent or other third party also must have their student’s FERPA password.

Creating a password

The password serves to verify that the person(s) you designate on the waiver form have authorization to obtain information about your account. You must provide a password that both you and the designee(s) share that will allow us to request the password prior to discussing your account. We will only discuss your account with the person(s) you’ve listed on the form who know your password.

NOTE: the FERPA password cannot be your date of birth, any part of your student ID # or SSN, or your My GCC password.

Information to be released to the persons you have listed in the waiver

Completing this waiver means you are waiving your right to confidentiality by authorizing both the Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office and Financial Aid Office staff to discuss with a person or persons you designate on the form, specific or general questions regarding your tuition & fee charges, payments, balance, waivers, credits, refunds, account status, financial aid awards, financial aid requirements, FAFSA  issues, or any other financial issues affecting your account. As stated above, a password created by you (the student) must be provided to us by person’s making inquiries by phone, or by third parties inquiring in person.

Completing the FERPA Waiver/Authentication Form

Either version of the waiver form will be accepted by both the Student Billing Office and Financial Aid Office. When completing the waiver, you are authorizing both offices to discuss and release information regarding your Financial Aid and Tuition and Fee accounts. If you do not want us to discuss your account with anyone other than yourself, do not complete this waiver.

Student Billing (Bursar’s) Office (condensed version)
Download the Billing Worksheet. Provide your name and student ID at the top of the Tuition and Fee Billing Worksheet and complete step three. Sign and date the Student Certification section at the bottom of the form.

Financial Aid Office (complete version)
Download FERPA Waiver