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Tuition and Fee Refund Policy

If you are considering dropping classes, exchanging classes (drop a class and add another class of equal credit), officially withdrawing from all of your classes, or simply not showing up for classes after the semester begins, it is very important that you read our refund policy to learn when you will be entitled to a reduction in charges or refund of payments.

Tuition and fee refund policy for credit courses:

The College has different refund policies for day, evening, summer and intersession courses, as well as for credit-free workshops (see below for refund policy on credit-free workshops). In all cases, the date of your formal withdrawal will determine your eligibility for a reduction in charges. A full reduction in charges will be granted if a course or workshop is cancelled by the college.

Process for Withdrawal:

If you decide to withdraw from some of your credit classes, you must complete an official Drop/Add form with your advisor and the form must be signed and dated by him/her. The completed form must be delivered to the Enrollment Services Office in C103. Contact the Advising Center at (413) 775-1339 or Enrollment Services at (413) 775-1801 for additional guidance on how to drop a class.

If you are withdrawing from all of your credit classes, you must submit a Request for Withdrawal from All Classes form. The form needs to be signed by your advisor and delivered to the Enrollment Services Office in C103. Contact the Advising Center at (413)-775-1339 or Enrollment Services at (413) 775-1801 for additional guidance on how to withdraw completely. In order to receive a reduction in charges and/or a refund of payments, you must complete the official withdrawal process within the specified dates below.

Withdrawal Prior to Semester Start:

If you withdraw from some or all of your credit classes prior to the start of the semester (not before the specific class begins), a full reduction in charges for both tuition and fees, less the $20 registration fee, will be granted. The registration fee is an administrative fee and is non-refundable.  Therefore, this fee will remain on your account until it is paid.

Withdrawal after Semester Starts:

Refund deadlines vary for classes that do not meet for the entire term and for intersession and weekend class schedules. Please check with the Enrollment Services office at (413) 775-1801 or (413) 775-1807 to inquire about refund periods for those sessions.

Generally, for the purposes of obtaining a reduction in charges, if you withdraw from regularly scheduled credit class(es) during the refund period dates, you will receive a reduction in charges of both tuition and fees as follows:

Semester             Refund Period                Percent   Effective Dates:

Summer I 2015 100% May 27, 2015 to Jun. 01, 2015
Summer I 2015 75% Jun. 02, 2015 to Jun. 03, 2015
Summer II 2015   100% Jul. 15, 2015 to Jul. 20, 2015
Summer II 2015   75% Jul. 21, 2015 to Jul. 22, 2015
Spring 2015 First week of semester 100% Jan. 28, 2015 to Feb. 03, 2015
Spring 2015 Second week of semester 75% Feb. 04, 2015 to Feb. 10, 2015
Intersession 2015 Standard Term ONLY 100% Jan. 06, 2015 to Jan. 08, 2015
Intersession 2015 Standard Term ONLY 75% Jan. 09, 2015 to Jan. 09, 2015
Fall 2014 First week of semester 100% Sep. 02, 2014 to Sep. 08, 2014
Fall 2014 Second week of semester 75% Sep. 09, 2014 to Sep. 15, 2014

The $20 registration fee and $35 payment plan fee is non-refundable and will remain on your account until paid.The specific refund period dates for regularly scheduled credit classes are published on the academic calendar. We will also publish them on the reverse of all billing statements.

Even Exchange of Classes during Refund Periods:

An even exchange of classes is only permitted through the last day of the 100 percent refund period. After that date, if you drop a class and add another class during the 75% refund period, you will pay full cost for the added class and receive only 75 percent refund for the dropped class. After the 75% percent refund period, you will be charged at full cost for any added or dropped classes.

If you are entitled to a refund of any payments after a reduction in charges, please allow 4 to 6 weeks for refund processing.


Withdrawal Due to Medical Issues:

If you withdraw due to health issues during the refund period, our regular refund policy will apply. There is no refund for medical withdrawal after the refund period has expired. Contact the Director of Student Development at 413-775-1819 for additional information about medical withdrawals.

Refund policy for credit-free workshops:

Credit-free workshops require official withdrawal prior to the end of the published period or one (1) week prior to the first workshop session. A full reduction in charges, less a $10 administrative charge, will be given for official withdrawals. Official withdrawal is made by completing a “Drop/Add” form and submitting it to the Registrar’s Office within the time frame required. Reduction in charges for credit-free workshops will not be issued under any other circumstances.

Requesting Exception to Refund Policy:

To learn about requesting an exception to the refund policy visit our Appeals Process section.