1st Official BIT Blog Post

Hi there, everybody!

Welcome to our very first Business Department Blog post here at Greenfield Community College!
Some of you out there might be wondering, what is this all about, who manages it, or even why you should spend a portion of your valuable time here on our blog. Well we’ve got all the answers you’re searching for, alongside a variety of other interesting updates coming your way soon! With active weekly updates, event postings, local business involvements and special offerings, our blog has almost everything you need to know, and more! Our role as bloggers is to connect the community and participating businesses on a deeper level, allowing for a prosperous learning environment, that ultimately serves the community in many incredible ways. Currently we have three main bloggers; Jasper Reis, John Atkinson, and Dawn Payant, all of whom would love to hear what all of you out there in the community have to say! Feel free to drop any comments, questions, or upcoming events that you’d like us to review for a chance at the “Weekly Spotlight” section of our blog, down below. Email us at GCCWSMarketing@gmail.com with any details or inquires you may have!

The BIT Bloggers

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