BIT Blog Post #2

Hi there, everybody!

Welcome back, this is our second blog post ever! For this week’s update we’ll be focusing on some relevant events coming up here at GCC. To kick off this update, the Business Club over in the East-Building Hammond Studio have been fund raising for future club events and activities. If you’re interested in helping out stop by the Hammond Studio with $15 and buy one of their high quality travel mugs! These mugs are designed to withstand high temperatures while also providing for an easy transportation of your life-energy (aka coffee), all in an attractive stainless steel container; not to mention the free coffee add-on that’s provided in the studio during the school year. Alongside fund raising activities, the Business Club is whipping up their own fresh take on a popular television show known as “Shark Tank”. Essentially a pitch contest, this event will be coming up on Friday November 20th (12:00-2:00pm), and will give any GCC students a chance at pitching their own business idea to a panel of influential judges operating out of our very own Pioneer Valley; for the chance to win $100 and furthermore the chance at winning $1000 in up-coming events. For any additional information regarding up-coming events and activities, feel free to stop by our office here in the Hammond Studio (E-132T) and be sure to tell a friend! We’ll see you all next time.

We’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation, are you in?

– The BIT Bloggers

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    The whole post impressed me very much but the words “We’re not just a blog, we’re a conversation” make me more impressed really.. Thanks for the post and the words also.I’ll wait for your next for your next post in future.

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