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Career Cruising: Getting Started

Library Computer Lab – ongoing dates throughout the semester
What will you do after GCC? Let us help you figure that out! In this workshop you will create an account with Career Cruising that you can use to search jobs, build your resume, and take assessments to see what careers match your skills and interests.

Career Cruising 201

Compass Peer Mentor Studio (C118A) – ongoing dates throughout the semester
Already set up a Career Cruising account? Great…but now what? This workshop will help you review your MatchMaker and My Skills results. You will use your results to help you plan your academics, build a resume, and figure out where to go from here.

Writing Scholarships Essays

C208 – Monday 2/12 at 12:00 and Tuesday 2/13 at 2:00
Want free money for school? Don’t let a poorly-written essay get in your way! The GCC Foundation offers more than 50 awards and scholarships to GCC students annually, and all applications require at least one personal statement–we’ll focus on this, but you’ll learn tips that will help you apply for any scholarship. You’ll also get a chance to hear from students who’ve won in the past! Co-hosted by the GCC Business Club.

Study Smarter

C208 – Monday 3/5 at 12:00 and Tuesday 3/6 at 2:00
Good students don’t just study hard, they study smart! Ever find yourself wondering HOW you should study? Or feel like the amount of time you spend studying and your grades don’t line up? Then this workshop is for you! We’ll teach you how to best use your study time and share techniques for effectively learning new material.

Time Management

C208 – Monday 3/12 at 12:00 and Tuesday 3/13 at 2:00
Do you find yourself pulling all-nighters to write papers or cram for exams? Do deadlines seem to spring out of nowhere and derail you? Do you feel overwhelmed, like you’re scrambling just to keep up with everything? Come to this workshop to explore tools and strategies for taking charge of your semester. Learn how to balance your responsibilities, cut down on procrastination, and create time to relax without the guilt!

GCC Tech Tools

N241 – Monday 3/26 at 12:00 and N314 – Tuesday 3/27 at 2:00
GCC email, MyGCC, Moodle, Google Drive…if you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the tech tools used at GCC, you don’t want to miss this workshop! Library Tech Tutors will be on hand to help you: link your student email to your phone so you never miss an important school announcement; make sure you can find all your financial aid, billing, and advising information on MyGCC; learn to navigate Moodle like a pro so you don’t lose points in a class for missing a deadline or not seeing feedback from your instructor on past assignments; find out how Google Drive lets you access your homework from anywhere…and much more!

Resume Writing

N314 – Monday 3/26 at 12:00
Ready to apply for a job or internship? Don’t let your resume get in the way! This workshop will help you learn the ins and outs of resume writing. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and focus on making sure your resume stands out! You’ll leave with tips to build an effective first resume, or improve the one you already have.

Major Exploration

C208 – Monday 4/4 at 12:00
You majored in…what? Whether you have some ideas or no ideas, we can help you gather the information you need to feel confident in your choice! This interactive workshop will help you think about your skills and interests, learn about your academic options, and start to build connections to transfer and career possibilities. You will leave this workshop with your own personalized map for further exploration.

Turning Failure to Success

C208 – Monday 4/30 at 12:00
N314 – Tuesday 5/1 at 2:00
Have you hit a bump in the road? Maybe your first round of exams didn’t go as well as you expected, or that paper didn’t earn the grade you thought it would? Don’t get down on yourself – failure doesn’t have to be a bad thing! In this workshop you will learn how to “fail well” and to use failure as motivation for future success.

Success as an Online Student

N241 – Monday 4/30 at 12:00 and N401 Tuesday 5/1 at 2:00
Thinking about signing up for an online course next semester? You may be wondering what to expect, as well as what is expected of you that might be different from an in-person class. Find out about the pitfalls to watch for, the resources to draw on when you struggle, and how to maximize the benefits of online learning.

Managing Stress

N241 – Monday 5/7 at 12:00
Got stress? Feeling anxious? Recent surveys of college students from across the country have identified stress and anxiety as factors that affect academic performance. This workshop will explore the impact of stress on the mind & body and teach you practical strategies to help you cope with the stressors in your life. Workshop hosted by Learning Support Counselor Kathleen Keough.

Internships 101

N314 – Monday 5/7 at 12:00
What is an internship? Why would you want one? What resources are available at GCC to help you find one? Get the answers to these questions and many more at this workshop hosted by Internship Coordinator Bob Barba!