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From Community Education

Watch for our Spring 2015 Lifelong Learning Guide coming in early January. Online registrations via our web site: www.gcc.mass.edu/shopcreditfree/, will be available in mid-December.

We have many new workshops to look forward to:

Word Press and Tumblr Blog
The Beauty of Hand Lettering
Beginner C++ Programming
Headache Relief
Power of Positive Aging-New Time
Advanced Gravestone Conservation
Women in Nature: Tracks and Animal Signs
The Zen of Improv Comedy
Genealogy: Beyond the Shaken Leaf
Making the Most of Your Two Free Weeks at Ancestry.com

We look forward to seeing you here in the winter/spring semester! 

Construction Supervisor Training: Classes offered at our downtown campus on a regular basis by our community partner Construction Supervisor Training of Athol, Mass.

Visit www.contractorsuccess.com or gcc.mass.edu/workforce-development