Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Mission & goals

The Education Department at Greenfield Community College seeks to guide the professional development of people who wish to educate and care for children. Departmental teaching seeks to nurture students’ aspirations, intelligence, confidence, compassion, curiosity, imagination and wonder about who they are in the lives of children. The Department further strives to develop in each student the independent and interdependent. Lifelong learning strategies that support excellence in education. Finally. The Education Department seeks to educate each student for vital, worthy work locally as well as with a sensibility of their global citizenship.

As the only institution of public higher education in Franklin County, our department offers opportunity to gain knowledge and skill in professions focused on young children and their families. Opportunities exist for day and evening coursework, online learning, workshops, film series, guest lectures and grant funded coursework scheduled to accommodate the working professional.

We take pride in the college’s status as an open-ended admission institution that is responsive to the individual. Although the Education Department serves one of the college’s largest groups of students, we strive to advise and teach each student in ways that best support their unique learning style.

The advantages of choosing GCC include smaller classes, close faculty interaction, lower costs, ability to attend full-time or part-time, on-line and evening courses, free tutoring and other academic support services

To apply for admission to an education degree or certificate program, please contact the GCC Office of Admission.