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EMS programs at GCC

Paramedic Certificate, EMT classes, & continuing education for emergency medical services personnel

How to apply to the PMC Program

Admission forms

All application and health forms are available from the Admissions Office website. Please note that these forms are required in addition to the standard GCC application for admission.


Admissions hotline

Dawn Josefski

The following information summarizes the requirements necessary to enter the Paramedic Certificate Program at Greenfield Community College. All information packets and application forms are available for download from the Admissions Office website, or contact the Program Director at 413-775-1761 for hard copies. All applications must meet with the Program Director for an individual conference or at one of our open meetings.


1. Submit GCC application. (See the Office of Admission to apply online.)

2. Complete the Math and English placement tests ( unless you have transcripts from another college, in that case you must submit official transcripts for review) Call 413-775-1147 or see the Testing Center for more information or to schedule an appointment.

3. Meet with the Paramedic Program Director to do the following:

  • a. Submit proof of EMT certification.
  • b. Submit Experience Verification form (page 3 of the Program Application)
  • c. Complete written EMT entrance exam with a minimum score of 82 out of 100 (GCC Basic EMT graduates waive the entrance exam).

4. Submit the Paramedic Program Application.

5. Gather health records and proof of all immunizations required by the PMC program. Health information must be submitted  by AUGUST 1  in order to remain enrolled in the program. A scheduled physical date must be submitted with application materials if health records are incomplete at time of application.


GCC requires that Paramedic students meet the requirements of a CORI (Criminal Offenders Record Information) check every six months. Students who fail to meet the requirements of GCC will not be able to begin or continue in the program. A CORI form will be provided for your signature upon acceptance to the program.

CPR Certificate

All Paramedic students are required to submit a current CPR certification card covering adult, child and infant (Healthcare Provider level) before final admission to the program. Students must MAINTAIN CPR currency while in the program.


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