Did we miss you?

GCC recently experienced an email outage. If you tried contacting a staff or faculty member or one of our offices by email in the past few days, it’s possible we missed your message. Please be in contact by phone if you have not heard back from us! Our service to you is very important. Thank you.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Enrollment Services offers extended hours August 24-September 9

* Registrar & Admission (C103)
(413) 775-1813 or (413) 775-1801
Monday–Thursday 8am–6pm Friday 8am–4 pm

* Financial Aid (C102)
(413) 775-1100
Monday–Thursday 8:30am–6pm Friday 8:30am–4pm

* Bursar’s Office (C102)
(413) 775-1301
Monday-Thursday 8:30am–6pm Friday 8:30am–4pm

* Academic Advising Center (C118)
(413) 775-1339
Monday–Thursday 8am–6pm Friday 8am–4pm

* Testing Center (C110) Aug. 26-Sep. 3 only
(413) 775-1821
Monday–Thursday 9am–6pm Friday 9am–4pm

Student Activities & Community Service (C216)
Monday–Thursday 8:30am–6pm Friday 8:30am–4pm

Bookstore (N109)
(413) 775-1190
August 27
September 2-9
Monday-Thursday 8:30am–6:30pm Friday 9am–5pm

*These offices will also be open on Saturday, August 22 from 10am–3pm