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  • Welcome to ESOL at GCC

    GCC’s ESOL program provides a broad range of courses at all levels in reading, writing and speaking the English language in order to give students the skills necessary to succeed in college, the workplace, and daily life. Content themes in courses range from geography, history, culture, and nature to social issues, current events, and employment skills.

    Each language course offers two special practice sessions each week, at no extra charge, where students receive help with their homework and additional language activities. Special attention is given to individual learning needs. New students may meet with a volunteer conversation partner once a week to practice English and learn about American life.

    Services for ESOL students include free tutoring and other academic support and financial aid for students who qualify.

  • Please search our online course schedule for current and upcoming classes.

    Students with a high school diploma or GED/HiSET™ may take ESOL courses for college credit, and may apply for financial aid to help pay for courses. Students with or without a high school diploma or GED/HiSET™ may take the same ESOL courses on a non-credit basis for $200 each. For more information or to schedule a placement test contact Kit Carpenter, (413) 775-1226 or

    ESOL classes at GCC are small and characterized by close faculty interaction and individual attention, and cover the English language skills necessary to succeed in college courses, the workplace, and daily life. These skills include:

    • Listening
    • Conversation
    • Pronunciation
    • Grammar
    • Composition
    • Vocabulary
    • Reading comprehension

    Classes meet during the day, in the evening and on Saturdays. Students also learn study skills such as word processing, library use, and research methods.

    ESOL classes are offered at advanced beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Students in our ESOL classes have two special practice sessions each week and access to college-level tutoring and other academic support. Our classes offer:

    • Flexible scheduling – 2, 3, or 5 days a week
    • Four levels of credit courses
    • Personalized instruction
    • Experienced, qualified teachers
    • Test-taking skills
    • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) preparation
    • Tutoring
    • Language and computer laboratories
    • Use of College library and video collections
    • International Student Club
    • Career counseling

    Download our Student Learning Outcomes for more information about the ESOL curriculum.

    Please search our online course schedule for current and upcoming classes.


  • Who can apply for financial aid?

    Students who are citizens (for example, from Puerto Rico) or who are eligible non-citizens (for example, permanent residents) who are taking classes for credit or are enrolled in a degree or certificate program may apply for federal financial aid if they have a high school diploma or a GED, or if they have passed a federal Ability-to-Benefit test. Federal financial aid is available to qualified students for both ESOL and other college courses at GCC. International students with visas (for example, a student visa or F-1) are not eligible for federally funded financial aid.

    If you do not require financial aid and are not planning to earn college credit, you may enroll in ESOL classes on a non-credit basis at a cost of $200 each. Contact Kit Carpenter for more information.

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