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Increasing plagiarism

Posted on Friday April 29th 2011

A new study by Howard and Jamieson showed widespread plagiarism in first year compositions classes.  The researchers found “chunk” copying, “patchwriting,”  paraphrasing without citations and lack of real summary with citations.  The researchers analyzed 164 student research papers produced in first-year composition classes. They studied a range of institutions in 12 states from diverse regions of the country, culling work from community colleges and four-year public universities, private colleges and universities, and religiously affiliated and Ivy league institutions. Suggestions for how faculty can deal with student plagiarism and improper citations can be found at The Citation Project.  GCC library has resources to prevent plagiarism and encourage proper citations.  Also Dr. Linda McCarthy and Dr. Anne Wiley presented in 2010 on plagiarism, with some suggestions on how to promote student learning.

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