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Creating a Syllabus 3

Posted on Tuesday January 10th 2012

Every new semester brings the opportunity to create and recreate our course syllabi. There are specific requirements at GCC.  Use the checklist, outlined in our collective bargaining contracts that describe minimally, what must be included. For day full time faculty, see MCCC.  For adjunct faculty, see MCCC DCE list E 1  Our contracts require that we provide a paper copy, but we may also want to post on a class website on  Moodle.  Backwards Design:  Syallabus and Assessment  includes the September 2011 GCC presentation. ProfHacker of Chronicle Higher Education  posted these resources.  The Honolulu Community College system continues to update teaching tips, including creating the syllabus as well as many other pedagogical tips.  Another resource, designed for PHI 101 has helpful hints in thinking about obstacles and challenges including student resistance.  Finally  it may also be time to recreate your syllabus  and make sure you have the some of the 11 ideas for a good syllabus

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