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MOOCs, retention, and more challenges

Posted on Wednesday May 15th 2013

Recent stories about MOOCS and San Jose State were in the news.  San Jose State professors pushed back against EdX, one of the top three providers of MOOCS.  An open letter from Professors at San Jose State to Professor Michael Sandel to request he take a stand on how some public universities may use MOOCs to force curriculum and content onto their professors and classrooms.  Professor Sandel responded supporting San Jose State professors, suggesting that his MOOC on Justice and Philosophy was never intended to replace face to face classroom discussions.  Another report by Todd Tauber suggest that students are bored in online courses and that  MOOCs have less that 5% retention rate, even though thousands sign up for the course, raising the question, if MOOCs can ever really replace institutionally designed online courses and web enhanced courses. Finally, Georgia Tech and Udacity have made an agreement to offer a master’s program in computer science and questions about the the quality of the potential program has been raised.

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