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Assessment, Cheating and Online learning

Posted on Sunday April 13th 2014

Explorations of the assessment, cheating and delivery of online learning continues.  A recent article regarding how students cheat in online courses was further explored.  Additional resources for assessment of online and hybrid delivery are provided by Quality Matters.  Assessment and efficacy of online learning is explored by several organizations, f or grading rubrics,  including Assessment of learning in Higher Education. Other sources include Three reasons teachers hate grading and what to do about them. Another resource, Prof Hacker at Chronicle of Higher Education continues to post hints on grading, from tools, digital tools, and rubrics.

National Resources on assessment and grading rubrics, mostly by discipline and interdisciplinary organization include American Association of Colleges and Universities AACU-LEAP rubrics and assessment at AACU-LEAP as well as the  National Institute for Learning Outcomes and Assessment at NILOA.





































located at NILOA National Institute of Learning Outcomes and Assessment and AACU American Association of Colleges and Universities LEAP.

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