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First Day and Syllabus

Posted on Saturday August 20th 2016

Your first day course materials and classroom activities set the tone for the semester.  Many experts on creating course materials, assignments and activities, suggest a learner centered approach.  From Professor Hacker, Chronicle of Higher Education, Fall 2016, archives on first day syllabus and course materials.

Learning centered pedagogy is the feature of one effort. Most suggest that you use the first day to develop a sense of community and connection among the students.  Many icebreakers and activities are located at Teaching Tips.  Another strategy,  Backwards design suggests a three step process: identify learning outcomes,  develop assessment strategies, and plan instruction.  MCCC day faculty must include these materials in first day handouts and MCCC DCE faculty must included these materials.  You may also wish to review past posts, such as Creating a syllabus 3, and  use the ‘search’ feature on the teaching and learning site,  for syllabus,  first day handouts, classroom pedagogy and assessment.

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