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8/24/12 and 9/28/12 (2-3:30pm) – Student Success: Enhancing Education through Faculty/Staff Collaboration, Presented by Judy Raper, Director of Student Development & Kate Finnegan, Professor of Education

 9/20/12 (2-4pm) – Supporting Student Success through Campus-wide Collaboration, Presented by Dr. George Kuh, Chancellor’s Professor of Higher Education at Indiana University-Bloomington

  • George Kuh’s Chronicle of Higher Education – Chronicle Review article ‘How to Help Students Achieve’ (session handout) available here: http://bit.ly/SVaEpv
  • Pictures from the event attached ‘George Kuh Photos 92012.pdf’
  • George Kuh’s American Association of Colleges and Universities Monograph: ‘High-Impact Educational Practices: What They Are, Who Has Access to Them, and Why They Matter,’ is available through NEASC: http://bit.ly/SR0OEd
  • Video of George Kuh’s presentation available on GCC’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mrbJaX1SQo&feature=plcp
  • Photos from event: George Kuh Photos 9202012

Other Recommended reading from this session available on reserve in the GCC Library:

  • George Kuh, Lessons from the Mountains, About Campus, May-June 1998.

 10/19/12 (2-3:30pm) – International Perspectives and Local Connections: Teaching and Learning with Global Citizens at GCC, Presented by Mark Hudgik, Admissions Coordinator & Kit Carpenter, Professor – ESOL

Other Recommended readings from this session available on reserve in the GCC Library:

  • Gert Jan Hofstede et al., Exploring Culture, pgs. 30-39, 2002, Intercultural Press.
  • Craig Sorti, Cross-Cultural Dialogues, 1994, Intercultural Press.
  • Senel Poyrazli and Kamini Maraj Grahame, Barriers to Adjustment: Needs of International Students within a Semi-Urban Campus Community, Journal of Instructional Psychology, Vol. 34, No. 1, March 2007, pgs. 28-45.

 11/2/12 (2-3:30pm) – Are We All following the Same Policy? , Presented by Amy L. Proietti, Senior Financial Aid Counselor & Charlotte Gifford, Professor & Chair, World Languages

Recommended Reading from this session available on reserve in the GCC Library:    

  • Richard L. Alfred, Governance in Strategic Context, New Directions For Community Colleges, no. 141, Spring 2008, pgs. 79-89


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