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Farm & Food Systems

(Liberal Arts Option)

Farm and Food Systems option

The Farm & Food Systems program at GCC is a Liberal Arts advising option that explores the broad field of sustainable farming and local food systems.  It provides students with an interdisciplinary understanding of the ecological, economic, political and social systems as they relate to food and farming.  Through additional applied courses and internships, students learn hands-on skills such as food cultivation, preservation, processing, techniques for propagation and season-extension, and design of annual and perennial production systems.  Students engage in community partnerships and participate in bioregional efforts to support food security, local economies and planning for resiliency.

This is a 60-61 credit program culminating in an Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts (your diploma will read “Liberal Arts”). Download a program overview

Farm and Food Systems at Greenfield Community College embodies a unique whole systems approach to sustainable farming and local food advocacy. Our degree option provides students with hands-on skills through agricultural courses such as Four Season Farming, Beekeeping, and Organic Gardening. Additionally, we prepare our students to be critical food systems thinkers who not only know how to produce food sustainably and organically, but who also have a comprehensive understanding of how our global food system operates and the benefits of local, resilient systems for processing, distribution, and waste management. Permaculture or regenerative design is another trademark of our program, with courses that train students to read the landscape and create backyard, urban, and farm designs that contribute to self-sufficiency and the local food economy while restoring ecosystem health. Through community-engaged service learning projects that go beyond the walls of the classroom, students apply their skills to make a real and positive contribution to the world around them.

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