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ENG 101 – English Composition I: Expository Writing (3 credits)
Focuses on the writing of essays. This course offers students the opportunity to understand writing as a process and to develop clear, effective presentation of ideas. The student develops an awareness of the relationship between writer and reader. The course includes word processing methods and research and documentation using print and electronic texts.
Meets Tuesday & Thursday 12:00-1:40

MAT 095 – Introductory Algebra (3 credits)
An introductory algebra course that assumes a working knowledge of basic arithmetic skills. Students study topics that include the concept of a variable, negative numbers, properties of real numbers, numeric and algebraic expressions, linear equations and inequalities in one variable including their graphic representations, ratio and proportion, quadratic equations (with no linear term) in one variable, integer exponents (including scientific notation) and graphing of two-variable equations(by plotting points). Students work with applications throughout the course to help them understand and connect algebraic concepts to real world situations.
Meets Tuesday & Thursday 9:30-10:45

SCI 141 – Cosmic Life Becomes You: Scientific Literacy for Today (4 credits)
An introduction to the joy of science for all comers through the exploration of the beauty, wonder, and interconnectedness of the natural world. Together the class explores contemporary issues in cosmology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, and art through dialogue, group research, and guest experts. The course helps the student to work with models, experimentation, and laboratory verification to understand the physical world.
Meets Tuesday & Thursday 3:00-4:50

Once accepted to the GCC Starter Academy, your advisor will help you determine which course is the best fit for you.