Systems upgrades Friday, July 28

GCC's online services will be unavailable for part of the day on Friday, July 28 while we perform annual upgrades. Banner, email, on-campus internet and websites will be unavailable from 5-8:30am. MyGCC will be unavailable from 8am-1pmMoodle will be unavailable for most of the day and access to the campus wireless network be intermittent.

Greenfield Community College

Greenfield Community College

Green Campus Mission

The purpose of the Green Campus Committee shall be to advise and establish policy and practice, with the approval of the appropriate administrator/s, on issues related to the investigation, advocacy, and implementation for creating a green GCC campus, from its physical plant to its educational programs.  With the objective of making GCC a community leader in environmental sustainability, the purpose of the Green Campus Committee shall include but not be limited to promoting:

  • environmental awareness and education through staff development, advocating green curricula and program development, supporting natural sciences and social sciences consistent with our vision, and facilitating interdisciplinary learning related to the environment;
  • the use of sustainable energy and energy efficiency measures at all levels in order to reduce the college’s carbon footprint;
  • comprehensive recycling and composting;
  • local and environmentally preferable purchasing, including farm-to-school;
  • the creation of a deserved green image for GCC in the community;
  • collaborative work with the physical plant on above goals and the integration of green practices into the institution as a whole;
  • fundraising for initiatives above.