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Guy MacPherson on climate change November 28 at noon

Posted on Wednesday November 14th 2012

Dr. Guy MacPherson speaks at GCC from 12-1pm on November 28 in Stinchfield

Award winning conservation biologist and professor Guy MacPherson visits Greenfield Community College on November 28 from 12-1pm to deliver his presentation “The Twin Sides of the Fossil-Fuel Coin: Developing Durable Living Arrangements in Light of Climate Change and Energy Decline.” This event is free and open to the public.

After 20 years as an award-winning conservation biologist and professor at the University of Arizona (author of 10 books and over 100 articles), Dr. Guy McPherson made a “decision of conscience” to leave and pursue more direct, efficacious responses to the changes he sees coming in our world, via energy decline and climate change.

Guy volunteers his time talking to people wherever they’ll have him, about both the disaster-seriousness of our course, a course which has created the ecological and climatological chaos we’re experiencing, and ways in which we can and must mitigate that as individuals, communities, and societies.  Guy talks about how individuals can work together to strengthen their own resilience, and prepare for a world of change.  His talks highlight the importance of living sustainably, a necessity driven by the ongoing collapse of the environment and the industrial economy, and by the arriving shortages of cheap oil.

Guy McPherson peered over the edge into the peak oil and climate change abyss, and rather than backing away, jumped in. The author of the blog “Nature Bats Last” and most recently Walking Away from Empire, Guy is a conservation biologist who has a keen grasp of the severe ramifications of the climate course we’re on.  So he walked away from his high-paying, prestigious, tenured position at a major university and now grows goats, vegetables, and community in the desert outside of Tucson, AZ.  He’s smart, he’s laugh-out-loud funny, and he’s much more humble than he would have you believe.  Guy lays the truth out clearly, in a gentle, humorous, but matter-of-fact and inescapable sort of way.

Location: Stinchfield Lecture Hall
Questions? Contact Abbie Jenks,, 413-775-1127
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