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Health Science

(Liberal Arts Option)

Frequently asked questions

What can I do with an Associate’s degree in Health Science?

The Health Science Option is designed to transfer to a four-year institution with the potential to fulfill general education credit requirements and set a strong foundation in Health Sciences.  The degree also has built-in flexibility to allow for specific requirements for a major at the transfer institution.

Additionally, some students complete a Health Science associate’s degree before applying to an allied health program.

What advantage does the Health Science Option provide students?

GCC has transfer agreements at a number of 4-year colleges.  Students who complete the LAH degree with a 2.5 GPA can automatically be accepted at:

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst: School of Public Health
  • Worcester State University: Health Education (without teacher’s licensure)
  • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts: BS in Biology
  • Bridgewater State University: School of Arts & Sciences; School of Education & Allied Studies

GCC also has an articulation agreement with:

  • Springfield College: Health Science/General Studies

This allows students to transfer in with 60 credits, completing the general education requirements at Springfield College.

I know I want to do something related to health care- I’m just not sure what it should be!

You are not alone!  Health sciences offer many choices for students who love science, from biotechnology to kinesiology to gerontology.  HSC 127- Survey of Health Careers, a required course for Health Science majors, helps students make an informed choice of major and career.  HSC 127 provides an excellent introduction to the wide range of professions in allied health, medicine, nursing, and health sciences.  Students meet professionals from a variety of clinical settings and develop a career plan using their own work style, interests, skills, and values.

Students also can work with GCC staff to choose a major and career path using a three-step process.  Visit our Advising Center for more information about major and career advising.

How long does it take to complete the Health Science Option in Liberal Arts?

The degree can be completed in two years as a full-time student.  However, students who work or have other responsibilities outside of school may need to take less than a full-time course load and complete the degree in 3 or more years.

If I have other questions where can I get more information?

Call Lou Peugh in the Academic Advising Center at 413- 775-1848 for more information.

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