Communications and Marketing Intern

Pen and Plow Farm

7 Pudding Hollow Road Hawley, Massachusetts 01339 United States

Pen and Plow Farm is operated by publishing professionals and marketers who happen to feel strongly about growing, eating, and selling the best food available at any price.

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Pen and Plow Farm is operated by publishing professionals and marketers who happen to feel strongly about growing, eating, and selling the best food available at any price. This internship will be of special interest to students in Communications and Marketing, although students in a Sustainable Agriculture program would, of course, be a natural fit as well. The intern will be immersed in the reality that today’s small farmers must employ all the communications tools available to them to increase the chances of survival in a rapidly changing food-system and economy. None of what you will be asked to do will be “busy work.” Part Social Media hot-shot, part old-school Press/Public Relations workhorse, the intern in this position will not only help represent Pen and Plow, the farm, but will also (and just as importantly) help promote the brand Pen and Plow, which is the farm plus the community, ideals, and personality it represents. The position, which is roughly 50% creativity and 50% organization, is deeply entrepreneurial in nature. This internship would not be appropriate for an individual who is most successful in a role that enjoys continuous oversight. No housing is provided; therefore, no expectation of regular attendance at the farm exists on our part. Although the bulk of the Communications duties can be accomplished remotely, the more experience the intern gains with farm operations, the better-equipped s/he will be to fulfill the needs of the position. A transportation reimbursement can be discussed to that end. An intern interested in being involved in more of the hands-on farm operations may participate in various traditional farming activities. Additionally, a plot of personal garden space can be allotted to the intern who wants to experiment with his/her own crops. This internship is an unpaid position, although a steady supply of fresh produce and eggs can be arranged.

Start date


End date


Intern responsibilities

Write short articles, blog posts, and press releases,
Maintain a mailing list, and communicate with subscribers to the list,
Compile a database of agriculture-related contacts,
Monitor the Internet for ag-related news,
Work social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
use analysis tools (Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, etc.) track efficacy of communications campaigns,
Assist with the design and production of printed materials, such as postcards, pamphlets, tri-folds
attend local events of importance to Pen and Plow farm (markets, CISA events, etc.),
Communicate nearly daily with Pen and Plow Farm to discuss Communications goals, strategies, and efforts,
Provide recommendations for the ongoing Communications plan for Pen and Plow Farm at the end of the internship.

Required intern qualifications

Excellent written communication—our name is PEN and Plow Farm, after all…(three writing samples)
A passion for sustainable food systems that supply scrumptious and nutritious food.
Solid understanding of the Internet and of Social Media
Impeccable professional attitude, demeanor, and judgement
A dedication to the holy trinity of project management: organization, communication, evaluation
Creativity with images, language, and message delivery
Some flexibility in availability
A steadfast adherence to the Serial Comma
The mature acceptance that communication practiced without regard for its ethical implications begets deceit.

Desired outcomes of internship

From the vantage of Pen and Plow Farm, this internship would contribute to the vitality of our already robust communications and marketing efforts.

From the point of view of the student, this internship represents an opportunity to roll up his or her sleeves and get communications and marketing experience that is NOT hypothetical. Decisions and actions will yield real-world results (heady stuff when you think about it). Mentoring from a writer, editor, former bureau chief for a daily newspaper, project manager, communications coordinator, and marketing director should result in the intern taking away a wealth of knowledge and perspective rarely encountered in summer copying / filing / data entry internships.