Electrical Engineering Intern

Temp-Pro Manufacturing

Northampton, MA

Temp-Pro is a designer and manufacturer of temperature sensors and electrical enclosures for power-generation, petrochemical, and construction material industry.

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Outlined below you will find some examples of projects scheduled or are currently in-process, where intern(s) may assist the Engineering and the Sales departments. Industrial Panels: Motor Controllers, Breaker Failure Panels, 3-Phase Distribution Panels.
  1. Assist in developing proposal document packages which include equipment specific data, quality and testing, bill of materials, outline dimension drawings, schematics, parts list, sub vendor list.
  2. Assist in the design of production build to print drawing, schematics, material list and wiring list for production.

Start date

June 2, 2014

End date

August 29, 2014

Intern responsibilities

Duties will be assigned as fit the qualifications of candidate and needs of the company.  Task/Duties assigned and monitored under the direction of the Sales Manager. A specific task may be supervised by assigned department.

Required intern qualifications

One or more of the following skills are needed for the projects, we have outlined.

  1. Ability to read and interpret various request for quotation, quality and engineering documents
  2. Ability to assist our electrical engineer in the design of electrical panels.
  3. Research skills; engineering and quality requirements i.e. web, trade publications, standards & specifications, etc.
  4. Computer:Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Word, PowerPoint  & Familiarity with AUTOCAD software and ANSI Y14 Drawing Practices
  5. Technical writing skills

Desired outcomes of internship

Temp-Pro Expectations:

  1. Temp-Pro hopes to gain engineering design support for our in-house electrical engineer.
  2. Temp-Pro hopes to gain electrical design support for our sales team.

Compensation: : $10-11/hr