Single sign-on project update for faculty and staff

Information Technology has been working on a “Single-Account-Sign-On” project with the goal of making access to computers in offices, classrooms and off campus systems easier and less confusing using a single account.  This fall you will have the ability to log into classroom teaching stations, Moodle, Helpdesk and MyGCC using the same login credentials you use to access your office computer or email account.  When you change your password for email or office use, it will be reflected in the additional integrated systems listed above (Moodle + MyGCC as well).

Faculty Home Drive

Mapping of your H: (home) drive will now be available in the classroom and your office.  Current users who use the FACADATA and STUDATA folders will also have these mapped and available from within office and classroom settings.  This is a non-disruptive project which is 95% complete; meaning that existing practices are still in place and you may continue to use academic accounts in classrooms in the event that any lingering system access issues arise.  When logging into a classroom teaching station with your GCC administrative account (same as your office) you will get a new desktop and your academic desktop (returning faculty) will not appear.  If you have documents, links or shortcuts that you would like to transfer we recommend logging into the station with the academic account, copying files and folders to a flash drive and re-login with your administrative account to put them onto your H: drive home folder.  Submit a helpdesk ticket if you need assistance moving files to your home directory.

Teaching Stations

Storing data on teaching stations is not a best practice because teaching stations are not backed up.  When machines become problematic and rebuilt the documents may be lost if we are not in good communication with the users.  If you need additional help as always please submit a helpdesk ticket via the form ( which will also be available off campus this fall.


I.T. cannot stress enough the importance of securing your account password.  Please never give your password out to anyone and understand that IT will never ask for your password or personal information over email.  Security awareness training will be available for people on a scheduled basis once the fall semester has started.

Thanks everyone and have a wonderful start to the semester!