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Yesterday, i went with Elaine to collect milk from the local dairy farmer. At Padies, the only milk consumed in raw milk. It was a very cool experience. When we got to where the cows were being milked the cows were all lined up on the rectangular platform munching on hay as the milk was being sucked out of them. Below the platform men were fiddling with milk lines and testing the milk. In we treked with our bucket and handed it over to the men. They took it to the cow and ran a tap to the bucket. How raw can you get.  Once we got our bucket back it was still warm from the cow.

This farm in particular, does do some commercial production, however it is only to local cooperatives.  Just as it is in the states, raw milk is illegal to sell in supermarkets. However apparently ( as told by elaine’s son Olivier) you can find raw milk under bathing milk in the cosmetics aisle.

Le Chateau du Jardin de Padies

Here at Padies, which is situated in Lampaut the south country of France about an 45 minutes from ToulouI am refurbished an old renaissance  chateau, built on a heritage site. Padies is a tourist destination and national landmark.  The owners and their son are slowly cultivating the land, to produce vegetables and creating working farm systems, experimenting and trying principles of permaculture and biodynamic methods and techniques. It is just in the beginning stages of becoming a producing farm for local markets.

I have been here a little over two weeks now. I haven’t had much time to sit down and write because breaks are scarce. There is still a lot of work to be done. A learning process in its self on how to actually get the farm system up and running and having it remain sustainable is hard to predict  for the future. In my time being here, i have successfully socialized two donkeys. The idea here is to raise grass fed animal as well as using principles of rotational grazing, in order to maintain grass growth and feed for animals. However the set up of the system as a whole has some faults. The in and out of working hands is unpredictable so things often get started but not finished.