Volunteer Inspirations

Mary McClintock visited our Permaculture Design class in the spring to tell us about the Free Harvest Supper of Greenfield, and I was excited and happy to find out about such an amazing event.  After sharing with us the jist and the details of the Free Harvest Supper, Mary let us all know that she was looking for volunteers and what better place to go than a room full of budding food production enthusiasts?  Then, when Abrah told us that she could set us up with an internship for either one, two, or three credits I was in.  I signed my name on the dotted line (well after much painstaking delay) and looked forward to an opportunity to give my time and effort to two causes joined together that I fully support: access to healthy local food for everyone; and supporting a local food economy.  You see, what we found out that day—for those of us who didn’t know already—is that The Free Harvest Supper is a great community event that is a celebration of local agriculture, and also a fundraiser that supports the Center For Self Reliance in Greenfield and its Farmers Market Coupon System.  The Center for Self Reliance is the local food pantry, and The Farmers Market Coupon System is a way for the people who count on the Center for food to get healthy locally grown food.  The Coupon System works by providing food pantry participators with coupons to take to the Greenfield Farmers Market that act as money so that they can acquire food from the vendors there.  Then, at the end of the year the farmers turn in all of their coupons and get reimbursed for the food they gave away.  It is a total win-win.  It unites people across the community in support of happy healthy lifestyles for ourselves and our neighbors and we do it a manner of celebration together.  Every year it is held on the Greenfield Town Common on a Sunday in August and this year it will be held on the 19th.  I hope to see anyone reading this there! It will be a great community event and lots of fun!