As the co-chair of the fundraising committee it has been my responsibility to familiarize myself with all facets of the fundraising department of The Free Harvest Supper (FHS).  It began with learning how things have been done in the past, to eventually assigning ourselves responsibilities within the department.  As I reported in my last post all of the money raised goes to the Center For Self Reliance food pantry in Greenfield towards the Farmers’ Market Coupon System.  The manager of the Center For Self Reliance Dino Schnelle has been a part of the Free Harvest Supper since its inception and therefore my fundraising co-chair Mary Siano and I work closely with Dino through all of our processes.  In our early meetings-as I said-we discussed what was done in the past by the former fundraising person (Deb) and then what responsibilities we would hold.  Being that I work every Saturday morning I am never able to attend the Saturday Farmers’ Market in Greenfield where we would be selling tickets for a prize drawing at the FHS.  Mary’s schedule would be in general more flexible and so this made it easy to decide that it would be advisable to put Mary in charge of the drawing side of things.  In response to that decision, and also because it would provide me consistent opportunities to be working on the project and building my hour log for my internship, we decided that it would work well to have me spearhead the donation jars.  Fundraising also includes asking places of business around the area to donate to help support the coupons.  The letter that was sent out last year was revised by Mary McClintock and Jennifer Williams-two members of the FHS volunteer effort who are writers and/or editors-so that it could be signed by Mary, Dino and I and sent out to request donations.  The letters were then sent out with another form and last year’s post FHS newspaper article written by Mary McClintock.  Dino and I folded all the papers filled the envelopes with them and he sealed and sent them.  It has been an exciting process and I am enthusiastic about the rest that is left to do and the fun we will have on the day of the event!