More FHS progress

Last Thursday I traveled around Greenfield and made the first round of collections from the donation jars for the Free Harvest Supper.  I was moving about town on a bum knee, so I never intended to go to all of the donation jar sites, but after seeing how little had been put in the jars I really didn’t feel like I needed to go empty the other jars.  I took all of the money out of the ones that I collected from, and even though it was a plan to visit the locations weekly, afterwards I felt like I should have left some money in each of the jars to show other people that donations were being made–a tactic that seems to inspire others to make contributions.  So, I have been waiting a little longer to go make any collections, and tomorrow I am going to go around collecting from more jars and putting up posters in towns other than Greenfield because I—and some others before me—have already got posters up throughout most of Greenfield.  Since I haven’t had a lot of donation jar activity to stay busy with, I took on the role of Display Area Coordinator.  I am in charge of communicating with Local Businesses and Organizations that are involved in supporting local agriculture, as well as farmers to find out to what degree they would like to be on display at the FHS.  All of the farmers will be mentioned in the Program, but they also have the option of getting to me either some brochures or business cards or the like to display on tables, and the businesses and organizations have the option of displaying themselves at their own table or one that is provided.  It was a last minute job I took on because I was looking for more to do and we hadn’t found another volunteer to do it.  It has been going well so far but I have more to do certainly.  Follow up emails and contacting people who didn’t originally respond will need to happen soon, as well as making sure I set up a way to acquire their display materials of choice.  I also will be coordinating the transportation of the leftover food of many of the vendors from the Ashfield Farmers Market on the day before the event.  Many of the farmers have agreed to donate what they don’t sell on Saturday to the Supper and I will be using my dad’s truck and Ayaan from the Center for Self Reliance will be meeting me at the Market with the Center’s van.  I am looking forward to this part especially because it is just another facet of the process that I am involved in and another way I will be helping.  A busy and fun week I am in indeed!