The Aftermath

The sun had set and the setting was calm.  None but a few feet carried owners across the slowly breathing street.  Just a couple of hours before, the street was quite overwhelmed, having never dealt with over 1,000 hungry and happy humans moving about on that special Sunday in August.  Yes there were balloon animal makers and funky blues rock musicians; there was free food for everyone prepared and unprepared;  the mayor was selling tickets for the prize drawing; and people were smiling all over Court Square and the town common in Greenfield, MA.  This year—my first year of involvement with the Free Harvest Supper was the most amazing one to date.  As I said there were over 1,000 people in attendance which is a new record, we had 120 volunteers (not including the group recruited by the Hope and Olive/Magpie crew to prepare the food) on hand, musicians from young funky blues rockers to a women’s choir to musical saws.  We had a state senator and a state representative serving food, and a former city councilor on the fundraising crew.  It was a beautiful day and I was blessed to have so many of my friends and family there with me, some volunteering themselves even, and others just soaking up the contagious pleasant vibes that were oh so present.
It does seem crazy to me, how events like this take so much preparation, so many people and so much time to bring them into fruition, and then the event itself lasts merely a few hours.  I don’t know if I could have handled much more anyways, being that I was there for a good seven hours, but it definitely happened in a flash.  It’s as if, after an event like that, when you sit and take in the space again, where not long before there were tents and tables and chairs, boxes and people there is now a certain silence that exists inside yourself and about your surroundings that wasn’t even there before you started.  It really doesn’t even matter that you are still downtown and cars are driving by and people are walking around, there is a silence that runs deep.  It is a beautiful noise.