Looking back, after the fact

Well many things have been wrapped up for the Free Harvest Supper.  The event took place a little over a week ago with great success, I have completed my required hours, all but one donation jar has been collected and the donations from those jars have been sorted and counted.  This truly marks a point in my summer where I can step back and really feel good about what my summer was like.  I have just about completed everything I set out to do.  I took a summer 1 class and got an A, and have succeeded greatly in helping with an event that seems to me to be something truly amazing.  What I witnessed and experienced on that day was quite special.  I think the part that stands out in my mind the most is the moving mental image of masses of people unloading the U-Haul truck full of tables and chairs to set them up.  That image, to me, defines community.  I have to say it was hard at times to see myself making all of this happen.  Acquiring the 70 hours was starting to seem a little bit out of reach and I started writing my blogs pretty late into the process.  I was nervous for a while, and being that it was all up to me, that made it even more of a challenge.  I mean I did have Abrah checking in to see how things were going, and other people around that kept me informed and checked in from time to time, but being that it wasn’t an in class setting and I had quite a lot of responsibility, this was one of the more challenging things that I have done for school ever.  It was great.