Potluck please.

I am excited to think about the next time I will get together with many of the FHS organizing members.  We plan to have a debriefing meeting and a thank you writing note party.  I think that they may both be of the potluck atmosphere, which makes me really happy.  I have a really warm, happy feeling about being with all of those wonderful people in a setting where we can kind of kick back and relax, especially after all is said and done.  The one potluck I have been to was really really nice.  It left an awesome imprint on my brain of what a potluck is.  I am even, at this moment, considering having one at my apartment for the FHS crew if the other meetings don’t turn out to be the potluck atmosphere.  I really just think that I am yearning for a more personal, intimate setting with all of my fellow FHS organizing volunteers.  We had all of our meetings at Greenfield’s Market, which is awesome and I don’t think we could do it in any better place, but every time we have gotten together it has been pretty formal.  They are all amazing people and I think I just want to experience them outside of a work environment, even if we were all there voluntarily.