Andy Peck and I are currently Interns at Just Roots, we are posed with the job to gather ideas, create a plan and design an Outdoor Classroom, using Just Roots educational plot. Last Friday Andy and I trekked up to the Just Roots Community Farm. It was a raining day but we were ready to kick this thing off. We had three young troopers from the Four Corners school who came out to help us answer some question we had for them about “their ideal out door learning classroom and what it would look like?”

So on Friday the 19th we were able to do a trial run with three wonderful kids. They proved to be so informational about what they were interested in and why. They led us through the whole exploration of the wooded part of the plot. They kept piping up with these ideas for fort building, mushroom foraging, tree identifying and even a hydro classroom! I was amazing with their focus and determination to really find things that interested them. They were very eager to learn and extremely creative.

I am thrilled now that we have had kids up and exploring. I am excited to have more in the coming weeks from other schools. Anyone is welcome to come and explore with us. The more the merrier, the more knowledge the better!