Monthly Archives: December 2012

Coming to the End

Last week I presented to the Just Roots education committee. It went wonderfully. I was please with the outcome and though I struggled through grasping what was wanted from in the end they seemed please and inspired which is what I hoped for. Ultimately the idea that resounded through all is making this plot and ageless sanctuary of art and learning. I believe this is entirely possible with the right go getters and the intrigue of the community. So I look forward in seeing what comes out it.

I am now winding down my final documents for this internship and am reflecting on my past 90 hours of work, done for Just Roots. Well almost 90. I am so grateful that I was giving this opportunity to explore an different area of my thinking capacity. I did not know I had in me to do all that I have done. I truly recommend to all you students out there to tap into the Internships that are being offered at GCC. This was my first and it will not be my last.

Cherish It.


It has truly been a pleasure.  It has been a pleasure serving all of you CSA’ers.  It has been a pleasure meeting the Enterprise Farm crew.  They are a driven group that work more than most.  It has been a pleasure seeing everyone show up, excited to see what is in their box this week.  It reminds me of working at the Ashfield Farmers’ Market this summer.  When people can get together around a healthy lifestyle, around promoting supporting local and regional food, around community networking and friendships, then people can get together and be happy. I know there are many roads to happiness, and many people’s main goal is finding theirs, and so I am pleased to see people finding their road intersect with mine and maybe even for a time run parallel.  My road, as are most others, far from being happy all of the time. In fact they are often downright rocky, bumpy and treacherous.  I lost a dear friend this year to a rocky road dealt to him, and I miss him greatly. Losing him has made me realize more than ever that I need to cherish these connections with people and that when something comes along as beautiful as an opportunity to connect with people over great food, you have to take it.  We aren’t guaranteed much in life, you have to reach out and grab most of it.  Thanks for giving me something to reach for, all of you.

A hard working bunch

Yesterday solidified it all for me.  I knew that I liked Enterprise.  I knew that I like interning with an organic farm and helping them distribute their wonderful CSAs, but yesterday pieced it all together for me.  I have had nothing but good experiences with the Enterprise folks with whom I have interacted.  It is an important and special part of any kind of relationship.  Having said that, I should have had no reason to expect otherwise, and I didn’t, or rather I hadn’t really given it any thought, but yesterday at the farm, I saw how the team works together, how they smile and laugh and love each others company, and I could do nothing but smile and laugh along with them.  It was awesome too, to see how much overlap they had from person to person in their ability to do each others job.  They are a highly functioning business with standards that can be respected, passion for the work they do that is admirable, and care for each other that can be understood and enjoyed.  I have appreciated this opportunity greatly, and I can feel good now too, knowing that someone else will have it next semester, and they will get to work with an amazing group of people.

The Boston School Yard Initiative

Throughout this internship, I kept thinking to myself how do I simplify this project to make it accessibly, easy to grasp and provide an outcome. One of my objectives was to find a case study to use as a possible prototype for the Just Roots Educational Plot. I thought first of The Hitchcock Center in Amherst. However that takes more the approach of living in nature and identifying plants, animals and survival techniques. I realized that what Just Roots was looking for was a place where farm life and natural life could coexist and be melded together to create this sanctuary of learning opportunities. So with this realization a found a place in Boston that provides designs for outdoor education centers and playgrounds. This project is springing up all over Boston, where they are incorporating all aspects of learning to the idea of a playground. I thought to myself well this is getting close. They provide on their website different formats and approaches, with lists of ideas and building items you can use to design your center. They have designs for a Natural playground, garden installations and animal husbandry projects. I thought immediately this would be such a great tool to use for Just Roots.  Its simple, concise and it is already made up… it would be up to Just Roots to fill into the check marks what they wanted to put into the Outdoor Classroom.