The Boston School Yard Initiative

Throughout this internship, I kept thinking to myself how do I simplify this project to make it accessibly, easy to grasp and provide an outcome. One of my objectives was to find a case study to use as a possible prototype for the Just Roots Educational Plot. I thought first of The Hitchcock Center in Amherst. However that takes more the approach of living in nature and identifying plants, animals and survival techniques. I realized that what Just Roots was looking for was a place where farm life and natural life could coexist and be melded together to create this sanctuary of learning opportunities. So with this realization a found a place in Boston that provides designs for outdoor education centers and playgrounds. This project is springing up all over Boston, where they are incorporating all aspects of learning to the idea of a playground. I thought to myself well this is getting close. They provide on their website different formats and approaches, with lists of ideas and building items you can use to design your center. They have designs for a Natural playground, garden installations and animal husbandry projects. I thought immediately this would be such a great tool to use for Just Roots. ┬áIts simple, concise and it is already made up… it would be up to Just Roots to fill into the check marks what they wanted to put into the Outdoor Classroom.