Monthly Archives: January 2013

Getting Started

Hello everyone in cyber land,
My name is Zoe Rae and this is my first blog ever! I have taken over the GCC Enterprise Farm CSA internship and will be in the core every wednesday from 2:30 until 5:00. Today while sitting in the core I have been working on getting new people to sign up for the spring share. We currently have a measley 4 members, but there will be way more that that by the time I am done. Soon GCC will be covered with Student life approved flyers and poster boards and mass emails emails will fill up peoples in boxes. It would be a shame to see such a good opportunity go to waste. So I suppose the theme of my first blog will be motivation. Lets get excited about frech local produce! And lets not let this opportunity slip through the cracks. Sign up! Fill you bellies! and Be Healthy!
Untill next time,
Zoe Rae