Let the Growing Season Begin!!!

The days are longer, the sun brighter; the birds are singing and the maple sap has been flowing strong.  These are all tell-tale signs that an abundance of local and seasonal food is on it’s way to the Stone Soup Cafe’ Farmers around the valley (working especially hard at Just Roots Community Farm!) are busy starting seeds and planting the crops that will be the foundation of Stone Soup menus.

Pretty Soon, the kitchen counter at Stone Soup will look like this…

Until then, we are offering lot’s of things to be excited about, even beyond the amazing food (which we could write a whole blog post in and of itself!)  On Saturday March 30th we are hosting an open house at the Cafe’ please join us to experience the cafe’ in all it’s awesomeness, and be sure to bring a friend, ask us questions, learn how to get involved, and just have relax with great people and even better food…wait, I mean the people are better than the food…but the food is so good…darn, I can’t decide, they both are super duper great with maple whip cream on top (we had that last week on homemade Mexican sugar cookies, by the way!)

That’s Greenfield ↑, if you zoomed way in on the red star, you would see Just Roots planting a bunch of vegetables. You would see the farmer’s market getting ready to launch on Main St., and a whole cast of amazing volunteers making the Stone Soup Cafe happen each week.  What do these three things have in common??? Interesting you might ask, because Stone Soup is teaming up with Just Roots to host a monthly Local Food Cafe’ where we will highlight the amazing local food this valley has to offer on our menu and elsewhere.  We will also be launching a joint Farmer’s Market Table to bring the gifts of the cafe’ and Just Roots out onto the streets of Greenfield!

Starting April 27th                                                                                                                come to the cafe’ to learn about and experience local foods with the Stone Soup Cafe’ and Just Roots.                                                                                                     

See you there!!!