Exploring the Food System of Greenfield

When this Internship began I had no idea what I was doing.  I’m sure many of you can relate to that same feeling of stepping into a world of the unknown, on a mission to create something you cannot see yet.  Looking back now I see how much I have learned and grown from this semester’s intern experience.

Olivia, Ginevra, and I became a team, led and guided by the amazing Evelyn Lane, with Abrah Dresdale always there for us when we needed her support and knowledge.  Together we experienced many new things, we put ourselves out there humbly to the public of Greenfield as messengers to deliver what past terms of the Food Systems course here at GCC have worked hard to represent.  The recommendations that the students formed were to be compiled into one document to rule them all…no not to rule them all but just consolidated into a readable and attractive zine-like space that is accessible to the public of Greenfield.

The first month of our journey, my vision was blurry, I had no clue what was to come!  We ventured out to the Greenfield Winter Farmer’s market to hunt and gather what people thought of the food system here in GF.  It was scary and exhilarating to go up to people and ask them about their experience with buying and eating local food.  Thankfully most of the people were very open to sharing their thoughts.  Many people were filled with excitement that young folk here in Greenfield were invested in the future of Greenfield. In that one morning that we spent together our group dynamic transformed into a strong bond. After that milestone I gained much confidence in the work that we were beginning.   And yes…it was just the beginning.  I look forward to seeing our work become available  to be used as a resource in building a sustainable Master Plan for the city of Greenfield! Keep your eyes open!

Getting our caffeine fix

It’s early so Ginevra and I order coffee at the Greenfield Winter Farmer’s Market…Old School style!! Yummy!