Getting started at Just Roots

My first day at Just Roots farm came on a late September morning.  I awoke to the dark morning excited for the day ahead-the sun was just peeking through the misty morning sky as I drove to the farm.  I had no idea what to expect as I had no farm experience what so ever. I  was grateful for the opportunity to finally be able to get my hands in the dirt after a few semesters of taking classes for the Farm and Food Systems major.

I drove down Glenbrook drive and there was the big red barn of Just Roots farm. I parked and walked down the gravel driveway to the fields behind the greenhouses. The air was chilly and the grass was wet.  I found David, Just Roots head farmer, harvesting some little white crispy looking radish things. Hopefully by the end of this internship I’ll be able to tell what they are!!

Over the course of the day I harvested purple beans and washed the day’s harvest to be sent out to the CSA and to be sold whole sale to Greenfield’s Market.  Who knew that there was such thing as purple beans! I did not-until today.  My fingers were freezing as I picked the beans from their dewey homes but the fresh air and wonderful sites around me kept me content. They hung gracefully off of their stalks and before I knew it my bucket was full of these long and luscious legumes.  The deep rich purple skins are truly magical. I will have to test it out for myself but apparently they do not stay purple once you cook em.  The amount of beautiful diverse funky vegetables that is kept from the public for the sake of the industrial ag industry must be enormous!

just roots