Writing is Fun

Oh it’s nice. It’s nice to feel like things are easy and stress just isn’t around. They just decided to stay away for a bit, not bother. Because writing is fun, and when it just happens it’s magical. Words just flow. Words that mean a lot to the writer, and will probably have a similar effect on the reader.

This Garden Guidebook that we are creating to help Rockridge Retirement Community manage their gardens into the future is a blessing, for me, and for Olivia I know it is too. It blows our mind on the regular. Some days one of us will look at the other and just say,”you know we’re pretty much writing a book.” I don’t know if I have fully realized the magnitude of the thing we are working on, but I know when we talk about it, when we run into Abrah or Tony and tell them the latest on the project, it’s like we realize a little more and a little more what we are really helping to create. We’re facilitators, and I am super happy with what we are facilitating.

No pictures this time, just words. Words.