Rockridge Final Reflections

This internship has been spectacular. The best part is, we’re not quitting! Although our fall internship concluded and our spring internship is wrapping up, Olivia and I will continue to work with the wonderful folks at Rockridge Retirement Community through the summer and into the fall. We should even be having some other interns from the five colleges joining the ranks!

We’ve got some of the plants that we started from seed in the preexisting raised beds already, four new raised beds have been built–Olivia and her father building two and she and myself building the other two, with a big community planting day coming up Friday May 30th.

All I can say, and I’m sure that I’ve said it a hundred times before, is that the people at Rockridge are amazing. From the staff that has been essential facilitating all pieces of the project to the residents who watch through their windows or grab a shovel and a rake, this community is great! Olivia and I have been able to do work and have fun at the same time, a wonderful combination.

Thanks Olivia, Thank you Rockridge, and Thank you GCC, I’m happy.

Olivia sharing our plans with Violet Young

Olivia sharing our plans with Violet Young