Summer Garden Internship

This summer I had the wonderful opportunity to intern at GCC’s permaculture garden. Starting the internship was eye opening. I would go around the garden and learn all about species that I have never heard of. I would learn practical, edible, and medicinal uses for plants all around the garden. I learned a lot about plants that we call “weeds” which turn out to be extremely useful such as the common dandelion, plantain, and curly dock.

I learned how to maintain plants such as strawberries, how to use plants such as comfrey to add soil fertility, and how to use radish to mark where the carrots are planted.
I think one of my favorite aspects of interning in the garden, besides munching on various types of delicious berries, was harvesting the fruits and vegetables and taking them to cafeteria so they could be incorporated into the week’s menu. It was always a lot of fun to see the amount and variety of produce that came from the garden. It was even more fun to see everything being advertised to the entire GCC community.

Even though most of my time in the garden was spent weeding and watering, I enjoyed being outside and contributing to the garden. The garden is a place where people come together and create connections through different aspects of the community. The GCC garden is a special place, and I truly feel privileged for this experience.

Radishes harvested from the garden. Aren’t they beautiful!